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Best powerpoint templates at

Have you ever wondered why your partners, customers or colleagues always have extremely eye-catching presentations about layout and interpretation. In fact, no one takes the time to go into the details of those graphics, layouts, colors, and icons. All these powerpoint templates are pre-designed to be easily editable.

Employees of today’s large corporations such as Google, Microsoft or Amazon all use these powerpoint templates. That’s why you find their slides very short, concise and intuitive but not lacking in central content.

Currently at we synthesize more than 3,500 slides designed according to visual infographics in different fields. Updated according to the latest trends of 2021-2022.

  • Templates for marketing, finance, business, budget
  • Dashboard report, Funnel, KPIs report,
  • Education template, E-learning template
  • Templates by industry (food, construction, market research…)
  • …and dozens of other topics from over 80 of today’s most popular categories.

Reason for using powerpoint templates at Slidepy

  1. 3,500+ beautiful powerpoint slides from 80 of the world’s most popular categories
  2. Easy to download and edit files on your computer. From colors, layouts to fonts.
  3. Gives you thousands of creative ideas to present your content more impressive
  4. Free lifetime download for members
  5. Get updated with new templates at no extra cost.
  6. 100% compatible with major browsers edit: Powerpoint, Google Slide, Keynote and Excel

Best powerpoint templates 2022

Here are the most beautiful and impressive powerpoint templates that you can refer to. These powerpoint slides are designed based on the most popular fields today and are suitable for the needs of each department. Trusted by many large organizations and individuals from employees to leaders around the world.

Marketing powerpoint template

Marketing powerpoint templates are infographics designed according to marketing topics. Slides on topics of current interest such as SEO, SWOT matrix, demographics, pricing or overall marketing… are presented in slide form (powerpoint, google slide, keynote, excel) in a visual and very intuitive way. impressive.

marketing powerpoint template
Marketing powerpoint templates

Business powerpoint template

Compilation of beautiful powerpoint slides for Business. Designed based on infographics in specific fields such as construction, corporate finance, fashion or food… All are available at Slidepy for members to download and edit as they wish.

See all templates for Business theme here: business/

Report powerpoint templates

One of the top concerns of the office and business world is reporting. To create concise, concise reports containing a lot of information without using a lot of words, not everyone can do it.

The best powerpoint templates at Slidepy will help you with this with infographics in many different formats and formats. Easily replace the colors and fonts you want, and can also connect data directly to excel to create charts (charts) directly into the slide.

Report powerpoint template
Report powerpoint templates

KPIs powerpoint template

With the KPI templates at you will have countless of the most beautiful powerpoint slides today. Presented in a variety of tables and charts.

The slides aim to outline the goals of your plan. By each goal, by each stage, by how much %, the time for you to achieve…

The image shows a few slides from Slidepy. You can view all KPI infographic slides here

KPI powerpoint template
KPI Powerpoint templates

Education powerpoint template

A topic that many people are interested in is education. Includes slides for helping teachers at schools, colleges and universities with quick lesson preparation.

In addition, powerpoint education templates can also assist companies in building internal training slides, creating instructional files about company rules or issuing internal standards. This slide also helps you create slides for online learning (e-learning) conveniently.

Training powerpoint template
Training powerpoint templates

Funnel powerpoint template

Definitely this is a template powerpoint that is no stranger to those of you who work in marketing, especially digital marketing. The funnel template powerpoint gives you staged funnels for decision making.

You can check out beautiful powerpoint templates by funnel or decision tree here

Matrix powerpoint template

Matrix powerpoint template aka powerpoint matrix template. Matrix graphs with stunning infographics. Use matrix analysis Infographics to compare different charts and graphs that can display data.

The benefits of these powerpoint templates are that you and your team can see all the different points of view at once, making it easier to understand the data.

You can find matrix templates on library here

Matrix powerpoint template
Matrix powerpoint templates

Roadmap powerpoint template

Roadmap is an outline of the “path” of a product, campaign, or cycle. Using the roadmap by powerpoint will show us the overall life cycle from A-Z in the most clear way. Roadmap makes sure that daily tasks are happening in line with and contributing to your business strategy.

Roadmap template at template file provides beautiful and impressive powerpoint slides that are compatible with all tools like Power Point, Photoshop, AI… easier to edit than ever. Provide you with the product roadmap, the long-term strategy of the business

Roadmap powerpoint template
Roadmap powerpoint templates

Strategy powerpoint template

A collection of beautiful powerpoint templates to assist in strategy building. Can assist in business operations and overall corporate strategies.

Slides are intuitive, concise, and easily replace elements so you can edit them to your liking. Thereby helping you present your plan more convincingly and bring greater success.

To refer to the strategy powerpoint templates, you can refer here: product-tag/strategy/

Timeline powerpoint template

It would be a mistake to ignore the beautiful powerpoint templates about the timeline. Office people when making a marketing plan for a project, it is indispensable for a slide about the timeline. Sometimes you don’t know how to present it in a way that is intuitive, easy to understand, and impressive. Here we have slides to assist you.

Mẫu template powerpoint timeline
Timeline powerpoint templates

Dozens of powerpoint timeline templates with different impressive designs make it easy to fill-in parameters by date, month, and note points. No more tinkering with it for hours.

Check out the beautiful timeline slides here

And thousands of other slide templates

And there are many templates according to different individual themes at the website. More specifically, the new interface templates will be updated monthly by us so that members can monitor and download and use.


Currently has more than 5,000 members who have been using templates for work as well as personal daily.

We hope to provide solutions for members to build a report, plan or an investment program with innovative and fresh presentation.

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Can I download the powerpoint template on the website?

Yes, you can completely download more than 3,500 slides on the website for free when you sign up for the membership package

How many different slide categories are there?

There are more than 80 different types of slide categories, pre-designed and very easy to edit

Is it easy to edit and compatible with AI, Excel and PTS?

Yes, all templates are very easy to edit and compatible with today’s editing applications